25 December, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

Just two days before, we'd taken 1,427 pounds of food to Urban Ministry, but with snow in the forecast, Justin, Gardner and Jonathan thought it best to start the weekend with an empty trailer just in case donations of food kept rolling in.
Justin separates cans from dried goods
We'd filled 12 big banana boxes with canned goods when the snow started falling.  Snow adds a sense of adventure to whatever you're doing, and today's was no exception. Snowflakes got bigger and fell faster.  Three year-old Grayson came outside to see the snow and what Mr. Gardner, her Dad and Peeps were up to.  Justin hoisted her up in the trailer among the cans, bags and boxes.  Our adult children have been talking with their children about sharing.  Grandchildren seem to get it; sharing food with hungry families matters and this was just one one of those moments to convey a bigger truth, that God has a real fondness for the poor.  So Grayson jumped in alongside and gave the boys a hand.
Here Mr. Gardner, I have a bag of cans for you.
It was then that Jonathan spotted a small, white paper bag, decorated unmistakably by a child, with four hearts and these words:  God loves You.
God loves You
We stopped unloading the trailer.  Each one held the bag, looked inside and passed it around.  The giver had filled the bag with warmth and hope: three boxes of raisins, two packs of Nabisco crackers, one pack of spreadable cheese & crackers, two granola bars, one bottled water, and a hand written note, folded into eights, about the size of a postage stamp, with a picture on the other side.

1 Peter 5:7

He cares for you
This was just one of many blessings we've found tucked inside the trailer.

Merry Christmas!
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