05 January, 2011

Food Drive Totals

Final Count as of 1/12/11

2nd harvest 12/6/10                                  369lbs
2nd harvest 12/13/10                                483lbs
Greensboro Urban Ministry 12/23/2010 1427lbs
Greensboro Urban Ministry 12/27/2010 1300lbs
2nd harvest 1/06/2010                              510lbs
TOTAL FOR 2010                                 4089lbs

Thanks for all you have done to 'Shine the Light on Hunger'
Anne and Jonathan

Ridgeway Drive in snow
Photo Julie Stahr
Julie Stahr a neighbor who lives on West Market Street was kind enough to share these photos with us today. Julie, these are just absolutely fabulous.

Photo Julie Stahr

Red lights in snow
Photo Julie Stahr

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01 January, 2011

WFMY visits Sunset Hills, 1,427 pounds later, Sunset Hills visits Greensboro Urban Ministry

Aaron Glancy
Early Thursday December 23rd, WFMY's broadcast truck was out in front of Toad Hall.  Coffee mug in hand, I trudged out into the cold darkness to greet Aaron Glancy, WFMY's videographer, who was trying to pick up the satellite.  Friends Rod and Gardner soon joined us. We were scheduled to appear on The Good Morning Show with Tanya Rivera, but as Aaron explained, an unexpected shift in the satellite was preventing the live uplink, so we reconvened at WFMY's station. Barely awake, I'm there: