31 December, 2012

The Seventh Day of Christmas

Happy last day of 2012!!!!!!!!

Jonathan took 1170 pounds of food to Greensboro Urban Ministry this morning and will take 60-75  pounds of 'easy to prepare' items to THP sometime this week.  Thanks to you neighbors & generous people of Greensboro.  
The totals SO FAR - is 7756 pounds.  Please continue coming to see the lights and dropping off good nutritious food for the hungry in the trailer at the corner of Madison & Ridgeway Drive in Sunset Hills - Our friends at @GSOUrbanMin say though it looks like there is plenty now, they will be empty again in January.  We will keep the trailer out and our lights on through the end of January just to help out where we can - then we will phase out the colors except pinks clears and reds through Valentines.  We will even install the BIG heart in memory of our dear friend Paulette over the front door no later than February 1.  

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28 December, 2012

On the 4th day of Christmas

Jonathan took another 1086 lbs to GUM making 6511 lbs for 2012....

The friends at GUM say "keep it coming" & Thanks!!

27 December, 2012

This is the 3rd day of Christmas

Bookmark and Share While you are out shopping for your 3 French Hens - (assuming you already have given your love a partridge in the pear tree and the 2 Turtle Doves) - remember to stock up on canned goods and other nutritious items for Greensboro Urban Ministry.  You can drop those items off at Madison/Ridgeway or Elam Ave (3 houses from Friendly) at Rolling/Ridgeway or Rolling/East Greenway 24/7.  Please let your contacts know that the food collection is still happening.  Post it to Facebook or your neighborhood listserv!  If you prefer to write a check - make it out to Greensboro Urban Ministry or Second Harvest and drop it in our mail slot at 2205 Madison Ave (Toad Hall)  or they can mail it to that address in Greensboro NC 27403.    

Current Totals for 2012 =5425 pounds of food

Helpers Finley Cate, Jackson(in the box) Avery, and Grayson 

24 December, 2012

824 more pounds taken on Friday

Yes!! Brenda and Shawn came and cleared the trailer out Friday taking 824 more pounds to GUM for about 4200 pounds this year. We took this photo late last night. We will pack it up this morning and make ready for a big collection tonight.

17 December, 2012

Rolling Road just keeps rolling part II

Jamey emailed today and reported that they took another 552 pounds of food to Urban Mininstry today.  That brings the total for the Rolling Road collection to 914 lbs and the total for the neighborhood to 3475.  Thanks Greensboro.  This photo from the 5K which passed each of the collection spots on the route.  Bookmark and Share

A beautiful collection of photos from Running of the Balls 2012

 This is a link to fabulous photos taken last night at the Running of the Balls - a 5K under the lovely Lighted Christmas Balls -   Here are a couple of my own shots - which aren't as professional but do show a couple of neighborhood kids who were part of the music and fun along the cours, the shoestorm that ensued at our home afterwards and son Justin helping granddaughter Finley Cate with her boots.  PS the rain which had been consistent and persistent all day Sunday took a little break during the walk/run and for a bit afterwards.  It made it even more fun

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Thanks Brenda & Anna

It was a surprise to come home and discover that Brenda and Anna had emptied all 1247 lbs from the food trailer and took it to GUM. That brings our total for the season to 2123 & the suburban is full and ready to take again today.  Gardner, Stephen, Harold and Jonathan emptied it yesterday in preparations for the Running of the Balls. UPDATE - the Suburban contained 800 lbs of food - new total before the Run 2923 lbs to Greensboro Urban Ministry.

15 December, 2012

The Lighted Christmas Balls in high dynamic range (HDR).

This photo was taken and enhanced by a visitor from Russia. Bookmark and Share

10 December, 2012

The Food keeps on rolling in on Rolling & beyond

Here is a food truck we can all love - the canned food drive on Rolling at East Greenway is rolling along.  Phil and Jamey who are manning the truck have already takenn 2 loads to the local food banks - one for 172 and today another one for 190 bringing our neighborhood totals to 876 pounds of canned goods and we have a 1/2 full trailer to take in the next few days as well.  Thanks to all of you!!!

04 December, 2012

FOX 8 Lighted Ball Tutorial with Jonathan

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02 December, 2012

It's Just About Being Part of the Community

John Calvin Presbyterian hosted their third annual Lighted Christmas Balls workshop. Judy and John Wilson attended. They're not members. They just attend local events and volunteer. "It's just being part of the community," Judy said. Community. 

That's the Lighted Christmas Balls. 

Aside from giving back to the hungry, some of the Christmas light balls will be given to senior citizens to help brighten their yards, and their spirits. 

Now that's community. 

Check it out

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30 November, 2012

Lighted Christmas Balls make news in Port Huron MI

Teri Nelson who lives on Berkley and not only does she light up that street well - those are the beautiful orbs you see through the trees straight ahead as you turn into West Market Street. Here is a link to the story. Thanks Teri - this is great news.

26 November, 2012

More Fun in Sunset Hills

You won't want to miss THIS fun event.
Yes a 5K run or walk under the lighted balls with no cars or busses.
Find out more about it and sign up here

24 November, 2012

Thanks Charlotte Observer and Greensboro News Record

Thanks for your great front page articles about the Lighted Christmas Balls and The Shine the Light on Hunger Campaign.  The links are Greensboro News Record  Charlotte Observer

Here are the Six Year Totals

Sunset Hills
Shine the Light on Hunger
Food and Funds Campaign 
Pounds  Funds
2011 7165 $10,502
2010 4089 $5,687
2009 4158 $6,190
2008 3729 $772
2007 2974 $734
Total  22115 $23,885

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22 November, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Want to guess what this family's thankful for?

19 November, 2012

Next Lighted Christmas Ball Workshop Coming up In Salisbury 12/1

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Christmas Balls in Salisbury - Spread some happiness!
If you are interested in making one or more lighted Christmas balls, please join us in the Fellowship Hall of John Calvin Presbyterian Church on Saturday, Dec. 1 at 10 A.M.  Bring 200 mini lights (colored or white) per ball, all other material will be supplied.  Please consider bringing a can of food for Rowan Helping Ministries.  To see some pictures of what the balls look like, please go to  John Calvin Presbyterian Church is located at 1620 Brenner Avenue, Salisbury NC,

12 November, 2012


Lighted Ball Workshop to benefit Shine the Light on Hunger.  
If you are interested in attending and have not received an evite invitation, please send a quick email with your name, address, and email address to - you do NOT need to live in Sunset Hills to come.  If you want to learn how and take it back to your neighbors - we welcome you.  I will send you details after I have your information.

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23 January, 2012

And the tradition spreads thanks to a new 'friend' in Durham

We have an update from our 'new' friend in Durham Rhonda Karg who wrote in December to share her hopes and dreams of making lighted balls there and spreading the food drive to benefit food banks in GA and eastern NC  
Here are photos of her nieces and nephews and her letter of January 16th. Way to go!!! This is so gratifying.  

Hi Anne,
Happy New Year! I’m writing to share updates and photos from our food drive, which was a huge success! Contributions from this event equated to 2531 nutritious meals for our neediest neighbors in NC and GA – amazing! Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the loving kindness of special friends, and for the opportunity to be part of a truly awesome experience that we will not soon forget. The food banks in Durham and Atlanta were blessed and impressed by our donations, as well. I’ve attached photos of my nieces and nephews helping me with the food drive and proudly displaying the beautiful lighted Christmas balls they made. I plan to make these activities a family tradition, so look for more updates and photos from me in December! Thank you again for your service and inspiration! JBookmark and Share

05 January, 2012

Lighted Christmas balls at Woodrun on Tillery

Lovely photo at Papa Bill's home on the lake