06 December, 2010

Lighted Christmas Balls go up for Glenwood Tutoring Program

A dozen friends gathered early Saturday morning on the lawn of Grace Community Church to make ready and hoist 40 Lighted Christmas Balls up high in beautiful 100 year old Oak trees.  Grace is home to Glenwood Tutoring Program, a peer tutoring/mentoring initiative for kids in Glenwood neighborhood.  Saturday's outdoor project coincided with Glenwood Tutoring's Christmas Dinner and Celebration for over 50 kids and their parents.  Here's a shot of Brad, Jeff, and  Rod Jeff, Rod, and Brad checking 50 non-working strands of mini lights for missing or broken bulbs and loose connections.  It's about 35 degrees.  Anne brought a traveler of Starbucks coffee, three dozen Biscuitville party biscuits, and a dozen home made blueberry muffins.  Yum. 
Pictured: Jeff, Rod, Brad
Walter and Daniel prepare to pull their first of 13 Lighted Christmas Balls suspended in a beautiful old Oak.  These guys had pull lines in their tree long before anyone else. 
Pictured: Walter, Daniel
About 11:45 am, light snow started falling and the temperature started falling.  By 2pm we had about 2 inches.
Pictured: Brad, Rod, Isy, Daniel, Miles, Walter, Jeff, and Gardner
Not pictured: Clay, Allison, and Scott
These four braved the cold and wisely left sister Marlee at home to recover from a bug:
Pictured: Miles, Isy, Daniel, Walter

Grace Community Church at night
Photo: Suzanne Mathis

Grace Community Church about 11:00pm Saturday night
A little hope goes a long way in this neighborhood.  Marshall Benbow sent a note this morning - he said the night was simply beautiful.  Thanks guys for making it happen.
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