01 January, 2011

WFMY visits Sunset Hills, 1,427 pounds later, Sunset Hills visits Greensboro Urban Ministry

Aaron Glancy
Early Thursday December 23rd, WFMY's broadcast truck was out in front of Toad Hall.  Coffee mug in hand, I trudged out into the cold darkness to greet Aaron Glancy, WFMY's videographer, who was trying to pick up the satellite.  Friends Rod and Gardner soon joined us. We were scheduled to appear on The Good Morning Show with Tanya Rivera, but as Aaron explained, an unexpected shift in the satellite was preventing the live uplink, so we reconvened at WFMY's station. Barely awake, I'm there:

A bit later, Gardner showed how to make a Lighted Christmas Balls.  His fingers work so quickly you may have to hit replay.

Here's the last segment:

Aaron snapped this shot of us before we left:

from left, Gardner Sheffield, Jonathan Smith, Rod Mortenson
Following our trip, Rod left for work.  Joined by Johnathan North, Gardner and Jonathan loaded the contents of the food collection trailer into Gardner's SUV and took 1,427 pounds of non perishable food to Greensboro Urban Ministry.

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