29 July, 2017

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We never did get down all of our lighted balls at least on the side of the yard facing Ridgeway.  We re-purposed some lighted balls which were on the blink to clear lights and randomly placed them around the back yard here and at the lake for light and just to enjoy.  Instead of hanging them up high like we do at Christmas we opted to put them lower and we are enjoying them.

We hope you are having a wonderful summer.  We are enjoying our lighted balls in the back yard and look forward to putting up all the balls in the front and side yard soon.  We plan for the lighted ball workshop for Sunset Hills to be that Sunday before Thanksgiving with a rain date of the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  It will be here before you know it.

The cumulative totals from the Shine the Light on Hunger efforts since 2007 is $249,415.25 in donations and 89,757 pounds of food dropped off in trailers scattered around the neighborhood.  Last year we calculated that the effort provided 478,825 meals from the 2016 effort alone.
That is pretty amazing.  It is worth the hard work of the neighbors to make it happen paired with the generosity of the good people who drive, bike, walk and run by the food trailers.  A lot of you have asked me for the links to all the media attention  - just scroll down a couple of posts until you see the snoopy photo.  All the links are there or in the side bar to the right of the blog.  

It continues to give us great joy to share this with other neighborhoods, communities, towns, and cities across the country and the world.  With all the politics and craziness this does seem to be one thing we can agree on, the lighted balls bring us joy and bring food to a lot of hungry people in our community and beyond.

Nick Loflin and his crew at Running of the Balls are already rounding up sponsors for this year's event.  The walk/run is a BIG part of the success of the Shine the Light On Hunger effort.  If you or someone you know would like to be a sponsor, contact Nick.

I look forward to seeing those first ones go up in the neighborhood.  Enjoy the summer as it is surely slipping away.
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