01 December, 2010

Sunset Hills Lighted Christmas Balls

We have been working hard making and hanging the Lighted Christmas Balls in Sunset Hills
and beyond. About half have gone up on Ridgeway Drive, a bountiful supply on Rolling between
East Greenway and Chapman and as I looked up Woodbine a nice selection could be seen there as well.

We put out the food trailer today and already the first layer of donated non perishables has
been put in by the generous folks who live in Greensboro and beyond.

We will put the Lighted Christmas Balls up at Grace Community Church for the Glenwood
Community to enjoy. If anyone wants to join in that effort, meet us at 643 West Lee Street
9 AM this Saturday December 4 th

Photos of Grayson, Finley and Jonathan, Daniel, and Anne with Lighted Christmas Balls.

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