28 February, 2011

Greensboro's Lighted Christmas Balls glow all the way to Washington, DC

It's two weeks till Daylight Savings time and it's like we're still opening Christmas Presents.

Congressman Howard Coble called last week to thank us for spearheading Shine the Light on Hunger, collecting donations of money and canned food for Greensboro Urban Ministry and Second Harvest Food Bank of NW North Carolina, and last but not least, the beautiful Lighted Christmas Balls. The Congressman is, at heart, a "good finder."

Washington, DC could use some cheer
I've been thinking about Washington lately, how the mood there can turn on a dime, in fact these days, the mood up there is as bleak as bleak can be, what with the threatened shutdown and all. Maybe I should gather our army of volunteers and fill a truckload with Lighted Christmas Balls and go and brighten the place up. Washington could use a dose of hope and cheer. See artist's rendering, to right.

My relationship with the Congressman goes back a few decades and my admiration and respect for this man of integrity is deep. Let me know when Congress wants to host a Lighted Christmas Ball workshop; it would be our privilege.

Thanks Howard; your call the other day was a Surprise Joy.

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23 February, 2011

Greensboro Running Club

Lighted Christmas Balls have all been put away for next season, the Groundhog missed seeing his shadow, but folks keep telling us how the Lighted Christmas Balls have touched their lives.  This one, just in, touched our hearts:
Dear Shine the Light on Hunger,
The Greensboro Running Club has been enjoying the Sunset Hills' Christmas light display for several years now.  Each year we marvel, not only at the festive display, but also at the community spirit that works so hard to impart the beauty of Christmas throughout their neighborhood. 
This year we would like to thank you with a donation to the Urban Ministry in the name of "Shine the Light on Hunger".  Please accept this gift as a small token of our appreciation for making our December-Tuesday runs a bit lighter and whole lot more joyous! 
All the best in the New Year!
Jim Halsch
If running causes the men and women of GRC to look at life so closely and see so much what the lights are about, I say we all better take up running.

More information about The Greensboro Running Club may be found here.

Thank you Greensboro Running Club!

Image courtesy The Greensboro Running Club, all rights reserved

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04 February, 2011

Rescued Lighted Christmas Ball #1

Friends Walker and Dabney Sanders know a good thing when they see it. And there it was, curbside, light strands tangled, a gigantic slinky looking thing looking like a garbage truck ran over it.  And just like bringing home  a stray puppy, they took it to their home. They cut non-working mini lights. They straighted bent chicken wire.  They pushed and pulled and patted the disfigured lump back into a glorious sphere. They finished it off with 200 brand new clear mini lights.  And they hung it up for all to see.

"We should form a non-profit, Lighted Christmas Balls Rescue," said Walker, half joking.

I thought he was serious, "What's the worst that could happen?" I chimed in.  "People giving us their dead Lighted Christmas Balls, us restoring them, including a certificate of authenticity, and in exchange for a tax deductible contribution, install said rescued Lighted Christmas Ball in the donor's honor."

It wasn't until I saw the first rescued Lighted Christmas Ball, hanging in all its splendor.  Restoration is good for the soul, and its easier than you think.  So take the first step, follow Walker and Dabney's lead. Ask a few friends join you.  Be heroic.  If this is you, drop us a line.  We'd love to see how we can change the world. One Lighted Christmas Ball at a time.

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