09 December, 2008

WFMY News 2

WFMY reporter Kerri Hartsfield and camera man John Brumbaugh pulled into the Grace Community Church parking lot late Monday afternoon. It's a good thing they did; Jeff, Justin, Emmett, and Jonathan needed just two more pairs of hands to raise the 60 or so Lighted Christmas balls that had been made by kids in the Glenwood Tutoring Program, and Kerri and John jumped right in and helped. Kerri had to make several trips to her car to thaw out, and John clutched his camcorder and shivered now and again and didn't get to thaw out. The two stayed until all the trees glowed with lights before heading to Sunset Hills for a different perspetive and to broadcast the 11:00 pm news, 'live from the corner of Ridgeway and Madison.' Afterward, I went outside thank them for all they had done to raise the awareness for hunger, and how together, our communities can solve a real live problem affecting one in eight North Carolinians and one in five children. Seeing the true spirit of Christmas reflected in their eyes was gratifying; grinning, I cautioned them that they're now hooked on Lighted Christmas balls for life and invited them to come back often and enjoy the beauty when they're off the clock.

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