22 December, 2008

Thank you Greensboro

Several angels kept watch over the food collection sites at Ridgeway and Rolling and Ridgeway and Madison this weekend. Rain, high winds, and bone-chilling cold took their tolls on donors over the weekend but that didn't stop folks from giving. Brenda, Sean, and Anna Bowman stepped up to take the "harvest" over to Greensboro Urban Ministries Food Pantry today. What a joy to have them jump in to help, especially with the thermometer dropping into the mid teens tonight. And I know they were blessed, too. It's a little overpowering to drive past S. Eugene Street, turn right into the back parking lot, and drive past faces of real men and women living on the margins of life. It's something else altogether to back up your minivan to the loading dock into hands that will weigh it, stock it, and distribute it to those in need.

December 8th - Second Harvest (747 lbs)
December 19th - Greensboro Urban Ministry (572 lbs) and
December 22nd Brenda, Sean, and Anna Bowman - Greensboro Urban Ministry (686 lbs).

So when your friends tell you that they are coming over to see your lights, be sure and tell them not to come empty handed :)

Merry Christmas to you all. Anne & Jonathan

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