17 December, 2008

rain doesn't slow food drive

It rained Monday and Tuesday and drizzled off and on all day today. That hasn't slowed visits to the yellow barrel at the four-way stop sign at Ridgeway and Rolling and the utility trailer at the corner of Madison and Ridgeway. People put dry goods in the big red Rubbermaid tub and secured food-filled plastic bags to keep the rain out. I didn't take pics of each night's haul, but now that it's Wednesday night and my Suburban is full, I need to drop it off at the Food Pantry and get ready for the weekend. Anne and I are going to do a little adding up this weekend - she has one of those little counter things that ticket takers use to count attendance at concerts and sporting events. We'll let you know the count...and also how much food has been contributed so far.

LCB's are glowing all over. There's an extra special 13 Lighted Christmas Balls on Cardinal Wood Drive. It stays lit day and night keeping vigil, encouraging all who pass by and those who live there. If you're over that way, check it out.

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