16 December, 2008

This truck may top our lights!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I saw this....I said "Jonathan, stop whatever you are doing and get him to stop." I just had to have a photo of this WONDERFUL truck. It belongs to our new friend(as of last night) Mark in Kernersville. He brings his cute daughter April over for ballet classes - she is int the middle of practicing for the Nutcracker. Look at this Christmas display in the bed of this wonderful 1981 fully restored Dodge crewcab (I hope I got this right) ANYWAY...they were so nice, they pulled over, we took photos...and visited. Mark had decorated it just for fun for a spontaneous annual parade in Catsquare NC (I hope I got that right too) Mark and his family moved to NC from Arizona and is an engineer at Volvo Trucks. In my opinion we are lucky to have him drive through...come often, bring your friends and some canned food for the trailer in the front yard.

NEWS FLASH #1 We sent 747 pounds of canned goods over to 2nd Harvest this morning with load going to Urban Ministry

NEWSFLASH #2 We got a huge discount(actually it was a credit) from Lowe's(good to shop there - they treated us right on this deal) We were credited enough to give each of you $1 per ball back - What an operational and accounting nightmare that would be so we made the decision to send the profits to Urban Ministry $127 and Second Harvest $127 and credited the remaining $$ to the lighted Christmas ball project for the kids in the tutoring progam at Grace Community Church in Glenwood - they each got a ball to take home this year as well as one to hang in the front of the church. It is worth a drive to 643 West Lee Street to see the 60 hanging there.


  1. Being married to a math major who loves Christmas lights (and me) how much better could it get?

  2. Hey Jonathan and Anne.. It was a pleasure chatting with you that night. And I am honored by your praise and enthusiasm regarding my truck! What were the chances that the night April and I cruzed down your street we'd meet the founders of the incredible Lighted Christmas Balls display?

    Have a Merry Christmas...
    Mark and April


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