22 November, 2008

Wirecutters working wonders on wire

Friends Beth, Claire, Ali, Cindy, David and Gardner brave the cold to get the lighted Christmas ball kits ready for the 6th annual Sunset Hills lighted ball workshop and charity fund raiser. Each 150' roll of Chicken Wire will make about 40 lighted Christmas balls. That's a lot of wire cutting to make kits for 300 or more lighted Christmas Balls. It looks like Beth, Claire, and Ali invented a special system to make measuring faster and easier.

Claire and Ali had already helped out in a big way before helping cut wire: they hand-delivered invitations to families in the neighborhood for whom we didn't have email addresses. David is wondering which family will be the first to get their lighted Christmas balls up in the trees.

Anne and I spent last night and today with grandchildren Avery, Jackson in Asheville. Today, treat of all treats, we got to take them up to Windy Gap (13.4 miles NE) to see cousin Grayson and her Mom and Dad and a bunch of old and new Young Life friends. On the way up to Windy Gap, we saw some early Christmas lights. There must be a lot of excited people here. Avery announced she was ready to see lighted Christmas balls at Sunset Hills. (Well really, she said "Toad Hall" but I know she meant Sunset Hills . Avery is 2 1/2 and knows all about Christmas lights. Her cousin Grayson is 13 months and knows all about Christmas lights and a thing or two besides. Between the two, they have more passion for life than is safe to be around! But you'll never hear me complain.

My highlight today was getting to feed Grandson Jackson his 10:45 pm bottle. We talked all about the day and how much fun we had.

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