29 November, 2008

Need Help Hanging those Christmas Balls this year?

Need help hanging those Christmas Balls this year? I have a bucket truck to help you...

Call Dean Harviel @ 336-399-2766

I was out in front trying to dislodge two totally hung up Lighted Christmas Balls from last year when a guy driving a bucket truck stopped in front of my house, unrolled his window, and asked if he could help. Dean and his friend, Laurie had discovered the Lighted Christmas Balls last year and came back to check them out. Dean's Mom (in Salisbury) really wanted him to come by and take a close look to see how to make 'em, and the Bucket Truck was as good a Trojan Horse as there ever was. Dean and Laurie stopping to offer help at the moment I needed it was a surprise joy. While Dean was hitching up to go aloft, I took a couple of shots, and invited them to the Sunday's workshop. I said I'd put his contact info on the blog and post his flyer at at the check in tent tomorrow. Dean smiled big and said, "let's just call it even." Thanks again, Dean. (Note, I've got a short video in *.3g2 format that I need to convert to *.AVI so I can post them here. Any thoughts on what program to covert them with?).

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