24 November, 2008

OSHA discovers Sunset Hills chicken wire cutting operation in total compliance

Anne and I arrived home from Asheville at 5:00 pm to find:
  1. our trailer piled high with chicken wire cut into 45" sections,
  2. about 5 dump trucks worth of leaves in our yard,
  3. and 45 minutes of daylight left.
We blew, raked, and mulched leaves till well after dark. About an hour into it, Anne noticed the garage lights were on and somebody was in there cutting chicken wire. Turns out it was none other than Cindy Wells, who cut an entire roll of chicken wire, single handedly. We returned to the leaves and left Cindy at her work. Jon discovered mulching isn't as precise as grass cutting and says you don't have to keep your tracks straight. By the light provided from the Bowman's side porch lamps and the headlights of cars turning from Ridgeway to Madison, he was able to knock it out. By 7:00 pm our tongues were hanging out. Cindy was still cutting wire like machine. At that point, there wasn't anything I could do but go fetch the bottle of 337 Cab, three wine glasses, and an opener. And so Anne and I made a toast to Cindy, who, I am sure, who works harder, smarter, and faster than any man. Cindy, for all you tool-belt conscious men, has her own Wiss Aircraft Shears and her own leather holster. About the time I snapped this pic, Jamey and Phil stopped by to see what six rolls of chicken wire looks like after its been chopped into 45" sections, and to give us the neighborhood "light" report:

On Rolling Road, their lights are on (why are we not surprised?), as are their neighbors on both sides of their house and three houses across the street, and on the corner of Rolling and East Greenway South. Jamey and Phil won't brag about themselves, so I'll have to: they made and hung all those Lighted Christmas balls.

On Friendly Avenue, I noticed the Dollars had their Lighted Christmas balls up and on this morning at 6:30 am. Way to go, Jim!

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