24 November, 2008

How all this chicken wire came to be

Last year about this time we were out in the front yard hoisting lights and a car stopped and unrolled its window. That wasn't unusual but what happened next was. Turns out the couple inside were Bill and Laura Womack from Raleigh. Bill grew up on Ridgeway, played all throughout Sunset Hills, and graduated from Greensboro Senior High School. Laura grew up on Sherrill Street in Lindley Park. Turns out Laura and Pat Wilcox (whom Daniel and Bethann Hassell bought their home from) have been friends since they were little girls. When we asked Bill and Laura how long they've known each other, they answered, in unison, "since 2nd grade." I guess when two people have known each other since 2nd grade they can finish each other's sentences. Bill made a career out of distributing hardware to retail stores. And when he said, "I can get you that chicken wire," Anne was quick to ask for his contact info. When Lowes didn't have any, Anne called Bill, who gladly obliged, and so Bill and Laura asked if we wanted to meet in Siler City and have lunch and transfer the wire. And so it was, Anne and I got to meet Bill and Laura for cheeseburgers and French fries at Johnson's Restaurant, which, as far as I could tell, holds 1st place in the cheeseburger category, and has for 62 years. After having more fun than the legal limit (Jon and Bill had 2nds on their cheeseburgers) we moved seven rolls of 150' wire (that's 3 1/2 football fields) from Bill's car to Anne's. When you see this couple at the workshop, be sure to stop and say Hi!
(This wonderful surprise took place on 11/19 but I forgot to post it then. I'll change its post date in a few days.) 

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