02 December, 2012

It's Just About Being Part of the Community

John Calvin Presbyterian hosted their third annual Lighted Christmas Balls workshop. Judy and John Wilson attended. They're not members. They just attend local events and volunteer. "It's just being part of the community," Judy said. Community. 

That's the Lighted Christmas Balls. 

Aside from giving back to the hungry, some of the Christmas light balls will be given to senior citizens to help brighten their yards, and their spirits. 

Now that's community. 

Check it out

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  1. I understand how to get the balls into trees but do not understand how you get power to the first ball and then to subsequent balls.

  2. Hi freddue - we like to get power to that first ball (and subsequent balls) as sketch 8 on the instruction sheet shows. You can click on the white box with the Lighted Christmas Ball drawing and see a PDF. open up a PDF. Without seeing your lights, it sounds like you may have them already up in the tree without power. If this doesn't make sense drop me a line at Cheers, Jonathan Smith


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