31 December, 2012

The Seventh Day of Christmas

Happy last day of 2012!!!!!!!!

Jonathan took 1170 pounds of food to Greensboro Urban Ministry this morning and will take 60-75  pounds of 'easy to prepare' items to THP sometime this week.  Thanks to you neighbors & generous people of Greensboro.  
The totals SO FAR - is 7756 pounds.  Please continue coming to see the lights and dropping off good nutritious food for the hungry in the trailer at the corner of Madison & Ridgeway Drive in Sunset Hills - Our friends at @GSOUrbanMin say though it looks like there is plenty now, they will be empty again in January.  We will keep the trailer out and our lights on through the end of January just to help out where we can - then we will phase out the colors except pinks clears and reds through Valentines.  We will even install the BIG heart in memory of our dear friend Paulette over the front door no later than February 1.  

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