23 January, 2012

And the tradition spreads thanks to a new 'friend' in Durham

We have an update from our 'new' friend in Durham Rhonda Karg who wrote in December to share her hopes and dreams of making lighted balls there and spreading the food drive to benefit food banks in GA and eastern NC  
Here are photos of her nieces and nephews and her letter of January 16th. Way to go!!! This is so gratifying.  

Hi Anne,
Happy New Year! I’m writing to share updates and photos from our food drive, which was a huge success! Contributions from this event equated to 2531 nutritious meals for our neediest neighbors in NC and GA – amazing! Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the loving kindness of special friends, and for the opportunity to be part of a truly awesome experience that we will not soon forget. The food banks in Durham and Atlanta were blessed and impressed by our donations, as well. I’ve attached photos of my nieces and nephews helping me with the food drive and proudly displaying the beautiful lighted Christmas balls they made. I plan to make these activities a family tradition, so look for more updates and photos from me in December! Thank you again for your service and inspiration! JBookmark and Share

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  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    So excited for 2013! I've been in Greensboro for four years in January and love this tradition. The first time my husband and I drove through the neighborhood I cried because it was so beautiful- ha! Thank you for all that you do & for giving back in such a selfless way!


Hi - Thanks for stopping by. We'd love to include images or video of your Lighted Christmas Balls. along with your street address, city, and state.