15 November, 2011

"Where Oh Where can I buy those Light Balls"

Yep - that is the questions we are always asked. Well they are for sale, some Christmas Tree lots, some scout troops, some youth groups, even some enterprising folks have taken the model - bought the materials and put them online for sale.  Just so you know - if you see any for sale - it isn't us!  We have a 'day job' we love so we don't have time to make and sell them :) 

Some helpful information for you: Chicken wire costs ~ 1.00 per ball.  Lights costs ~2.50 per string - you need 2 of those - and the time cost about 5-10 minutes per ball. So depending on your billable rate - let's just take minimum wage for this puzzle because most of you are making these balls at a time of day when you normally aren't paid anything - so 1.00+5.00+1.21 = 7.21 per ball.  

The going rate for a ball seems to be around $25 and if you are buying it online that $25 does not include taxes or shipping.  I would encourage you to spend the 7.21 per ball make them yourself and contribute the balance ~17.79 directly to the food bank.   

Look on the right sidebar for printed instructions.  Also on the right sidebar is a video showing how it is done.  Folks this is a simple process and it is a fun thing to do with friends, kids, and neighbors.    

Please remember the food trailer will be out at 2205 Madison Ave Greensboro accepting canned food donations starting Thanksgiving and we will get some lights up after that.  

Have a lovely Thanksgiving - 
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