30 November, 2011

The mailbag

Of the many treasures illumined by the Lighted Christmas Balls are the many cards, letters and first-hand accounts of kindness we get to pass on. This "light season", known as Advent by some, starts on the fourth Sunday before December 25th and ends on January 6th, known as "Epiphany" to others. Our "Advent" kicked off on November 20, a bit earlier than usual. It was the 15th anniversary of the Lighted Christmas Balls and the 9th Sunset Hills Lighted Christmas Balls party and workshop.  All this to say, this 47 days of Lighted Christmas Balls overcomes a whole lot of darkness from the other 318 days of the year.

From today's mailbag:

"I just got off the phone with my wife. We turned down an “offer” to help a friend host a Christmas cookie party. I don’t have anything against cookies (obviously), but we’re trying desperately to remember what Christmas is about for our family. For us, that means buying the kids just 3 presents, it means we go down to the Ice Skating Rink as a family, it means buying a stack of Bill Mangum Honor Cards to send to friends and family and stocking up on Wendy’s gift cards to hand out to the homeless and hungry, it means I spend one night this month as a chaperon at the winter emergency shelter, and (gasp) it means even telling my 4 year old what happened in Bethlehem more frequently than I mention what happens at the North Pole.  I’m not saying we have it right, but I would encourage all of you to think through what is important for you and your family this next month…and then do it." 
I'm not saying the rest of us have it right either, but my friend hit on something we don't hear a lot about. The note had a post script. I can't resist sharing:
"And for all things Lighted Christmas Ball, go to:"
Lighted Christmas Balls are lighting up all around the Triad. The food collection depots are filling up with non-perishable food. Already, 600 pounds of food has been given to those in need.

"The life-light blazed out of the darkness, and the darkness couldn't put it out." John 1:5 The Message

Whatever you believe, don't leave any life-light turned off this season.
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