15 November, 2011

LIghted Christmas Balls on Lake Huron

Teri Nelson writes "I just wanted to let you know that my parents were so impressed with what you have accomplished, they are carrying your tradition to Michigan.  They hung their first balls last year and stunned the neighborhood- this year they imitated your fundraising event and had 20 people come to learn how to make the balls!" "Above is their house on Lake Huron (Port Huron, Michigan) last Christmas.  And to the left is a photo from their Christmas Ball party this October (they have to start early because it gets too cold with the north wind coming down Lake Huron)!

Nothing is more fun for us than to see this Sunset Hills tradition taken far away.  Thanks for sharing Teri

Whether you are nearby or far away, if you will send us your photos - we will post them and credit you with the accomplishment.  

I'm excited - it sure is getting close to the time to repair ours and get them up.  

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