28 December, 2009

Tater Tots !!

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Last week, Jonathan ran into someone and they told him that they had made the Lighted Christmas Balls and put them up but they looked a little more like Tater Tots than anything else - I had to laugh because honestly some of ours looks a little tottish themselves. 

This week, we went on Aycock to Lee Street to eat dinner at St. Luis - a wonderful little Mexican place.  We took two cars as we were meeting there after work and we both almost ran off the road looking back into College Hill at some Lighted Christmas Balls way up high and plenty of them.  After dinner, we took the opportunity to take in South College Park Drive.  WOW - it was splendid and beautiful - Go over to see them.  They are wonderful. 

That inspired me to try to find a single street in Sunset Hills which didn't have a ball or two or twenty.  Did I find one? No, not one!  Every street, place, way, or drive had some form of Lighted Christmas Balls hanging from trees, awnings, porches or something.  Some of them looked a bit like Tater Tots but they all looked grand. 

It made me happy to live here in Sunset Hills and have you driven to Glenwood on Lee Street, Gramercy off Westridge, Round Hill in New Irving Park, Lake Jeanette, or the many streets in Starmount, Hamilton Lakes, and even Old Irving Park?  We know there are dozens more neighborhoods which I have not ventured to and would love to know about them. 

A couple from Laurel MS is coming to see us in a couple of days just to see the Lighted Christmas Balls and meet us and some neighbors while they are here. 

Shine the Light on Hunger.  Food Drive going through the 3rd at least.  Tell your friends to come by and drop off some food.  It is easy and fun.


  1. Just came back to Napa CA from visiting my cousin in Greensboro. She took me on a tour of the Christmas Tree globe neighborhoods. It was awesome.

  2. Nina,
    Napa is awesome, so glad you came and liked the lights. Did you get any pics? Thanks for commenting. There are Lighted Christmas Balls in Sacramento.


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