29 December, 2009

Now seen in Sweden - Lighted Christmas Balls

Jonathan was asked to give a program for his Gate City Rotary Club in place of a speaker who had to cancel last minute. He is always glad to talk abut the Lighted Christmas Balls and a Rotarian here on business from Sweden did a make-up meeting at Gate City. He was quite taken with the Lighted Christmas Balls and visited Sunset Hills at night, took the instructions home to Sweden and here are his photos from his home there. It is fun to see them all over Greensboro and fun to see them cross the oceans to other countries. It has blessed us beyond measure to see the excitement and fun they bring.

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  1. Anonymous7:47 AM

    My daughter lives on walker in Lindley park and she took us to see the lights in sunset Hills. What a treat it was, positively breathtaking. I knew I would find something about this on the internet, as I wanted to show my neighbors here in Surfside Beach, SC, and I did! Thank you for sharing. BTW, we did drop off lots of canned goods!

  2. Hello Surfside Beach, thank you for visiting the lights, filling the food collection trailer with canned goods, and commenting. Lighted Christmas Balls are in Myrtle Beach. Happy New Year.


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