07 January, 2007

Sunset Hills Lighted Christmas Balls Spread to West Virginia - (pictures forthcoming)

Kate Brower writes... "Daly and I showed my niece and nephew from Chicago how to make the balls over New Year’s while we were all visiting my mother at her farm along a river in West Virginia. I’m attaching photos – I love how they show up against her Norwegian Spruces, and check out the barn and horse in the background. Isabel was enamored but despaired of being able to do any in Chicago – “Not big enough trees, Aunt Kate.” I told her people don’t only hang them high, so we’ll see what she comes up with next year! I told my mom (82 years old) not to worry, if the snow and ice don’t knock them off branches, Daly and I will lower them the next time we visit. We staged them so she can see them from her kitchen, living room and bedroom windows. Thanks for the inspiration (and sharing your knowledge!)"

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  1. if you look you can see a horsie way down in the pasture!


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