24 January, 2007

Street Lights

Street Lights, Ridgeway Drive at Christmas
copyright 2006 Jim Dollar
Street Lights, Ridgeway Drive at Christmas was taken by Jim Dollar, Sunset Hills neighbor, hanger of Lighted Christmas balls, friend to many, and now friend to our family. If you haven't yet met Jim, you should; you have a great joy in store. Jim is the happy faced man seen almost every afternoon, walking his well worn course, tapping his walking stick, sometimes wearing a reflector vest, starting from his home on Friendly near Ridgeway, to W. Greenway South, to Market, to Ridgeway, and that's just lap one of many. So if you don't speak to him on first spin around the block (what was I thinking, me, too busy hanging lighted Christmas balls) maybe you can do so on his second, or third, or fourth lap, like I did. I learned, all on my own, that Jim leads the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, authors a blog, and has an amazingly beautiful collection of photographs at, and just plain likes people, and he can find the Sacred everywhere and in everyone.

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