05 January, 2007

Smith Mountain Lake - Lighted Christmas Balls

Sunset Hills neighbor Ellen Wells writes...

"Jonathan, I don't have pictures to send you, but thought you'd like to know that there are about 13 balls shining on the shore of Smith Mountain Lake. Our daughter-in-law's parents live there, and last year their son hung them in their trees bordering the lake, after he saw the Sunset Hills balls. They left them up and have turned them on many times during the year; neighbors call to ask that they turn them on when they are entertaining! I sent the blog link to friends and family around the country, including Washington state, where we used to live. Who knows where they'll next turn up! We love it! And it sounds like Alison was thrilled to see her old neighborhood -- please extend our thanks to her for her idea."

...thanks Ellen, Alison was delighted beyond words, as was her 9 month-old daughter. They're coming back to Greensboro over MLK weekend, so we've planned on leaving the lightballs on till then...Jonathan

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