13 December, 2011

A post from Durham NC

We received this email Sunday- Thanks for sharing this with us & thanks for embracing the idea and making it your very own. I love this!

Thank you for the awesome Lighted Christmas Balls that you are sharing with the world. Like many others, your gift has inspired me to organize a food drive to benefit NC and GA Food Banks (; I’ve recruited my nieces and nephews who are helping out with this awesome even! They are collecting food in their communities and will help me shop, sort, and box up the items, and then take them to the food banks. We are simply overwhelmed by the outpouring of loving kindness in our communities! Here is a link to the event on Facebook: I’ve attached photos of my first three Lighted Christmas Balls.
In return for their help with the food drive, I’m going to help my nieces and nephews make their own Lighted Christmas Ball for the holidays! We are all very excited!

Thank you again for your service and inspiration!

Rhonda Karg PhD

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