12 December, 2011


Three drop off points for food donations in Sunset Hillls

There are 3 places to drop off your canned goods for the local food banks.  
We have already delivered about 600 pounds of food and 
we plan to deliver more than that today. 

Click on any of the addresses below for a map.  
2205 Madison Ave  (corner of Ridgeway Drive and Madison Ave)
206 East Greenway Drive North (corner of East Greenway North & Rolling Road)
222 Ridgeway Drive (corner of Ridgeway Drive & Rolling Road) 

The food banks can use all we can collect - so when your friends are coming to your home for cocktails, dinner, or a party, just let them know we are more than just a bunch of 'pretty lights'  & consider putting a box out in your foyer, collect some food, and drop it off in any of the trailers or bins and we will take care of the rest.  We will do everything in our power to make sure the food gets to the hungry as quickly as possible. THANK you for making this work.  

Merry Christmas !   

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