21 December, 2006

Winter's here

Winter's here, ain't no doubt,
And you best bundle up
before you go out
Life is hard, the world is so cold
It's very clear that the winter is here
Leafless branch, frozen ground,
Ice covers every heart like Mrs. Havisham's gown
All somehow broken, empty but hoping
Dry the tear, 'cause winter's here.
Love reaches down to the world,
For the dark and dreamless ones
bringing faith, bringing hope, bringing joy,
and the way to the light of the Sun.
Winter's here, cold the sting,
But we work giving light to the world
As we wait for the spring
Color awaits us, though winter frustrates us,
Have no fear, though the winter is here.

Winter’s here –
by Allen Levi, another guy who brings the Light
Click to hear a 30 second sound clip

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