25 December, 2006


Lighted Christmas balls in Jackson, MS, at the home of Lus and Carolyn Brown. Click here for map.

Lus and Carolyn write:

"Christmas here is not too different than Christmas in Greensboro. I truly missed the tree ball spectacle of Sunset Hills, but our neighborhood did have lights. One of my neighbors very nearby has a destination light display on his home that involves cherry pickers to install and includes just about every available Christmas image that can be electrified and some things that don’t involve Christmas. I like the inclusion of the American flag in lights to complete the scene. We hung our tree balls, but not well. Still, we saw plenty of traffic slow down in front of our house to see our display on their way to see the main attraction down the street. Maybe tree balls can grow further south."

photo: Lus & Carolyn Brown

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