27 November, 2017

Lighted Ball Workshop and Party Update

We had a great time at the Lighted Christmas Ball Workshop and Party.

We used up all 340 squares of chicken wire.  We made a lot of balls and sent home some squares of wire for craft time at home.  Best of all we met a lot of new neighbors and friends from all around.

We got a nice start on our food collection for Greensboro Urban ministry and $1600 for the food drive at Greensboro Urban Ministry and $1700 for Second Harvest Food Bank. 

Mike Davis of Sherrill Tree donated a sling shot for the Sunset Hills neighborhood and for a donation to one of the food banks the sling shot is available for 4 hour time slots throughout the season.

Another neighbor Nichole Naviglia had a wonderful idea to start a google word doc so we could share ideas.  Here is a link to that doc.  Feel free to post there.  She lays out some suggestions for how it should and could be used.  I like her spirit.  There is no wrong or right way to do this thing.  It is just for fun and community and as an added bonus the whole effort simply
Shines the Light on Hunger   
Izzy, Anne, Lorraine, and Jason 
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