16 December, 2016

Lighted Christmas Balls visit Green Thumb Garden Club

The Green Thumb Garden Club invited Justin and Jonathan to Greensboro Country Club to present their Christmas Program on December 9, 2016. The club, founded in 1944, is among Greensboro's oldest garden clubs.

Following a hearty prosecco wine get-together and a delightful lunch, the boys heard a brief Q&A session on ensuring blooms on the Christmas Amaryllis and few other gardening tips. Club members were as eager to learn Lighted Christmas Ball history as the Smiths were to share to share the story. In no time, the gardeners-turned-LCB-makers dove in to bending, fastening and shaping 27 pre-cut sections of Chicken Wire into neat, uniquely shaped globes.

If there were ever fast and nimble learners, these gardeners were they. Here are a few pictures from the event; if any members took any pictures, please email and we'll be glad to add them.

Thanks Green Thumb Garden Club for extending the right hand of fellowship and for your generous donations for North Carolina Food Banks. P.S. A downloadable how-to instruction sheet may be accessed by clicking on the Lighted Christmas Ball drawing beneath "How To Make" in the sidebar.

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  1. You have a lovely blog and your photos are beautiful. Merry Christmas from Montreal, Canada. :)


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