15 November, 2016

It's that time of the year

We hauled out our spheres and piled them up in the back yard to check and repair where needed.  It's a daunting job but at the same time with these dark afternoons it is fun to think of lighting up the skies above Sunset Hills once again.  We have heard from Jamey and Phil and other neighbors that their efforts are underway as well.  

Last year was a terrific year for the Shine the Light on Hunger food drive. The generous folks in Greensboro and beyond dropped off $20,018 pounds of canned food and $57,306.25.  The 5Kish Running of the Balls was responsible for $45,028 of the total.  Thanks to Running with Horses for their part.  

One day soon we will gather in the street with neighbors and friends to make more lighted Christmas balls and the launching will begin.  The photo below is from last years workshop.  If you want to attend just drop us a note at and we will add you to the list.  

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