02 December, 2014

A Neighborhood Tradition

ICYMI, Monday's News-Record featured a stunning above (and below) the fold feature written by Danielle Battaglia, who tweets under DBattagliaNR. Danielle with photos taken by N-R Lynn Hey. Lynn's a multi-year North Carolina Press Association and Landmark award winner and veteran Lighted Christmas Ball maker. Last year, she documented the Running of the Balls through Sunset Hills. Danielle and Lynn spent the sunny Sunday afternoon chatting with friends new and old about all things chicken wire, lights and proven methods for launching one's lit orbs into tall trees. On hand was a plenty of volunteer-cut 48" x 24" sections of one-inch hex chicken wire, so many sections that if you laid them all end to end, they would have stretched the entire length of Ridgeway Drive from Market St. to Friendly Ave. If you haven't seen the article, click here. You can click here to see Lynn's gallery. You can thank me later for helping finish off your Christmas shopping, but these pics are available for purchase in a variety of formats! Don't miss out.

I was busy twisting chicken wire and didn't take many pics, but I did get a couple:

If you took pics, I'd love it if you'd email them to me (along with the photographer's name) and your permission to post them on this blog.



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