07 December, 2013

AND This just in from Florida

Hi There,

 My husband and I moved from Greensboro, NC to Fort Lauderdale, Fl, in 2011. We weren't used to being so far away from family and friends, not to mention year round tropical weather. We bought a house the following year and really wanted to make Christmas feel more familiar. It was a such a different frame of mind to decorate our palm trees! We decided to make the lighted Christmas Balls. We went to Home Depot and bought all the materials, hung them on our trees, and stood back so proud and nostalgic. We are hoping they will catch on in our neighborhood.
 We just put them up for the second year, this afternoon. I just wanted to write you and tell you that we are inspired by the Sunset Hills neighborhood, and hope we create that same community of giving here! 

Take care and Merry Christmas!
Leilani and Shawn Whitmire

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  1. Leilani and Shawn - what a delight hearing from you, and a #SurpriseJoy that you've sprouted Lighted Christmas Balls in Ft. Lauderdale. If you just hang some lights on a utility trailer and fly a sign saying, "Donate non-perishable food for FL food banks" it *will* fill up, and hungry folks will be nourished.


Hi - Thanks for stopping by. We'd love to include images or video of your Lighted Christmas Balls. along with your street address, city, and state.