27 November, 2013

Photos from 2013 block party/workshop

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Marlene took many photos. She's posting a few for now - enjoy:


  1. I saw your story on Fox 8 WGHP this morning. Kudos to you, your family, friends, neighbors and community for coming together and putting on this event. I shared your wonderful story with others on G+ and blogger. Giving is what life is all about, of course you already know that. Thanks for making a difference.

  2. On my way back from Chapel Hill, I decided to check out the lights. I wish I had gotten there before dark so I could see how you secured and fastened multiple lights without a lot of cords showing. Still it was impressive and those trees were certainly tall and I can see now why you had to use a potato gun. Do you leave the balls up in the tree year around? Is there an easy way to take them down without the fear of snagging your extension cord?


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