07 February, 2013

Donation Totals for the Shine the Light On Hunger Campaign for 2012

2007     $734.00     2,974  pounds
2008     $772.00     3,729  pounds
2009    $6,190.00    4,158  pounds
2010    $5,687.00    4,089  pounds
2011   $10,502.00   7,165  pounds
2012   $24,254.00  10,003  pounds
Total   $48,139.00  32,118  pounds

This year has been a great year.  The neighbors continue to store, retreive, repair and re-hang the lighted Christmas balls.  It brings a lot of joy to us and our friends from all over Greensboro and beyond.  It thrills us to see the buses of folks coming in from the local retirement communities and families with children - young and old - who delight in the beauty of the simple design.  

For the last 6 years we have added a food collection drive. Grateful persons from all over the county drop off small bags of food which add up to big pounds.  

Sadly, may of our food banks are already depleted from the overflowing donations from many organizations over Christmas.  Please keep the hungry in mind.  When you have a few extra dollars or if you can tighten up your own consumption, make sure to give donations all year long.  We will attempt to post places accepting donations year long.  

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