22 November, 2009

When the going gets tough, the tough hang Lighted Christmas Balls

We had an absolutely wonderful day joining our long time friends Bill and Paulette for lunch (we had yummy lunch by Wendy Cardais - caterer extraordinaire). After lunch we rolled out the table protector covers and started cutting chicken wire right then and there on the dining room table. We gathered in the living room with football playing on the big screen and made the chicken wire balls. I am not 100% sure they believed they would ever look like anything other than a wire 'foot stool' but to the amazement of all (including us) they do finally take shape and when you wrap the lights around them, they suddenly are magical.

Next step take them to the front lawn, put the strings up in the trees, attach those strings and power to the Lighted Christmas Balls - then just at dusk, we hoist them up - you can the lake beyond them and I am sure the boaters can see them from the lake.

Paulette is supervising the whole hanging operation from the porch and by now it is 5 and time for an afternoon glass of wine. Our dearest friend is fighting a very aggressive cancer and we are praying for God to intervene with a miracle and extend her time with all of us and her dear family. The day was special and full of joy.

Bill emailed and said Paulette asked him to leave the them on all night, in case she wakes up and wants to see them.  We understand that fully. We leave ours on all night and when I get up in the middle of the night, I always peek out the upstairs window.

"The life light blazed out of the darkness and the darkness couldn't put it out." John 1:3 The Message
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