28 December, 2007

Lighted Christmas Balls in Dearborn, Michigan!

Lighted Christmas Ball enthusiast and kindred spirit Traci Stafford Croft hosted a Christmas Ball workshop in their neighborhood...

"Not quite the same scale of yours (we're just getting started), but we can see the potential for growth within our neighborhood - MANY neighbors from other streets came/are coming by asking questions even though not all of the neighbors who made light balls have them lit we expect the rest of our stree to light up over the next couple days. (jonathan's note, check out Traci's pictures on Flickr. Better yet, drive down their street and see for yourself )

This is such a wonderful thing to do with friends/neighbors. Next year we'll start adding in some of the other elements: charity collections/donations, band, etc. (We'll see...) We were planning on being outside, but the weather was supposed to be in the low 40s, so we did it inside (and the weather was nearly 60). :)


exciting update, from Traci, 12/28/2008:

"Since I sent you the pictures, we've had quite a lot of excitement...probably 40 - 50 cars a night driving down the street (we're only a 1 block street not off of any main road, so traffic is really rare) and we've also been contacted by our "City Beautiful Commission" and the local city cable channel. Our kids gave light balls as presents to their teachers who immediately asked..."Is that YOUR street?" It's been so wonderful. I can only hope that we can generate more interest and some good will in years to come. ;)"

Kudos Traci!

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