29 November, 2007

Lost and Found from Sunset Hills Lighted Christmas Ball Workshop

Anne and I found some cool stuff after the dust settled! See if you recognize any of the items.

Back row, left to right:

2 nice pairs of brown cloth gloves. I know they're warm cause I wore them when I hitched up the trailer when Marlene and Anne and I took the food to Urban Ministries.

one small, tightly wrapped ball with clear, red, and green lights. Not all the red lights burn, which is maybe why it got left behind. Sad. Claimed by Emmett M.

one very cool cylinder-shaped ornament (think, one big fat roll of paper towels, gold plated ) gold bulbs, not all of which burn, which is maybe why this one got left too. This ornament isn't a brand new one because it has a little bit of white nylon line tied on from last year. This definately can be fixed...and they don't make gold bulbs like these anymore, so this ball might be collectable. Claimed by Emmett M.

Front row, left to right:

1 left glove, the kind with sticky rubber dots all over,

1 right glove, the kind the real cowboys wear when they're driving in fence posts and working with 2'wide lengths of chicken wire,

1 right glove, soft leather, maybe the kind a city cowboy (cowgirl maybe?) might wear, someone not accustomed to hard work,

1 very nice pair Wiss aircraft shears. I know these are nice because I used them, and I'll keep on using them till they're returned to their rightful owner.

1 nice pair of garden clippers, the kind, if my wife caught me using to cut chicken wire with she would have snatched me bald-headed. Claimed by Scott S.

Too bad the bucket truck didn't show up in the lost and found. Maybe Bravo Signs will be over this way again soon.

Remember, glow is good.

1 comment:

  1. emmett9:55 PM

    the lighted balls have been returned to their rightful owner, sorry all y'all who were hoping to claim them...


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